Volume 04 Issue 01

General Information
Leading article

Androgen Therapy for Postmenopausal Women; What is New
Hewawitharana KG, Jayawardane M

Review Article
SSRI & SNRI over Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) – Would be more practical to initiate due to its free availability and affordable price under this economic crisis of Sri Lanka
Somirathne D
A Review on Hormonal Replacement and Urinary Incontinence following Menopause

Hewawitharana KG, Liyanapatabendi D, Bodhinarayana TN, Meegoda JV

Case Report
A Case Report on Adult Granulosa Cell Tumour of the Ovary with Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia: A Diagnostic & Management Conundrum.
Hewawitharana KG, Meegoda VJ, Jayawardane M, Nimana KVH,Fereen WFN,Chandrasena UGSD

Editor in chief

Dr. Sanath Lanerolle